Kappa no Sasoi Mizu

The Premium Shochu

750 ml

2008 Monde Selection- grand gold medal and High International Quality Trophy (a top prize awarded for three years in a row). The award-winning Kappa no Sasoi-mizu is the flagship shochu of Kyoya Distillery, founded in 1834. It is a fine blend of organic sweet potato shochu and shochu brewed in Kyoya's traditional Great Pot. The finished shochu is mild yet carries depth and a good structure, is highly versatile and goes with any kind of food.
Serve on the rocks, with ice, or with a small amount of water.

  • 2006 Monde Selection - Grand Gold Medal
  • 2007 Monde Selection - Gold Medal
  • The Beverage Tasting Institute 2007 - Silver Medal
  • 2008 Monde Selection - Grand Gold Medal

Kyoya Distillery

The Kyoya Distillery has been using unglazed large pots in shochu production since its foundation in 1834 (the fifth year of the Tenpo era). The use of unglazed pots and small batches (800 liters per pot) induces natural fermentation that requires neither artificial heating nor cooling.

Kyoya's company policy is to make shochu that is friendly to nature and the environment. Kyoya's subsidiary, the Agri Company, grows organic sweet potatoes used as a key ingredient of shochu. Additionally, the company grows rice by taking advantage of the behavior of aigamo (mixed-breed) ducks. These ducks eat weeds, plow the field with their movements and leave droppings, making the rice fields fertile and healthy without using any agricultural chemicals. In spite of Kyoya's glorious heritage as one of the oldest distilleries in Miyazaki, Mr. Watanabe, President of Kyoya Distillery, insists, "we will always pursue new dimensions of shochu without being contented".